Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The World of Giganotus Rex

In my new book, The Wrath of Giganotus Rex, the world in which the characters live is significantly different from the world in which you and I live. Frighteningly enough, you might not find some of the differences to be too profound. 

The events of Giganotus Rex take place long after a catastrophic war takes place, known as "The Great Cleansing." Not many details of this war are known, but its ramifications left the world in ruins. Only one nation is left standing, and the people have been divided up into communities, according to the roles that they have in society.

The technology of this world is very advanced, including transportation and communication, but it is very limited. It some cities, it appears that mankind has gone backwards in advancements. In the ruler's city, the technological marvels, particularly with the military's weaponry, may leave you speechless.

The government is the one benevolent force protecting the descendants of the survivors of the Great Cleansing. Society operates like clockwork. Everyone has a place in this new world in which all people work together to preserve the human race. Everything seems to be under control, until rumors sprout up, concerning a rebellion being mounted by the people of the village of Orwell.

The people in the world of Giganotus Rex are anything but superstitious. There are remnants of religious beliefs that have survived in certain cities, but the majority of people do not believe in the supernatural. The lack of belief makes it even more surprising when Giganotus Rex arrives on the world stage. 

It was once thought that the stories of old were meant to scare people. Ancient people would teach that you were to do "the right thing" or the boogeyman might get you. But what if you don't do the right thing and the monsters are real? 

There is more to Giganotus Rex's existence than what meets the eye. Although most of the world fear him, some appear to be anticipating his arrival. Are the people prepared to defeat this monster? Find out in The Wrath of Giganotus Rex.

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