Sunday, January 31, 2016

Welcome to!

Greetings to one and to all! My name is William (Bill) H Seng and I am creating this web page to both inform people about the most relevant topics of our day and to make viewers aware of the books I have authored.

As you have probably already noticed on my web page, I label myself as a Christian Author. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior when I was 8 years old. It was not until middle school that my faith was challenged in any significant way, but it was not until college that I started to grow in leaps and bounds in my faith. It was during college that I started to understand the connection between our personal beliefs and how we react to circumstances. I became very interested in learning about how a person's ideology impacts every aspect of life.

I graduated from Winebrenner Theological Seminary in 2011 with a Master's of Divinity (M.Div). Since then, I have preached at a multitude of churches and I am currently working on releasing my 3rd (technically my 7th) book. I like to write about matters of science, theology, politics, and even a little bit of fiction. My works include The World That Then Was, 10 Irrefutable Proofs of Creation, and, my upcoming book, Predestined for Eternity. Aside from these books, I have 3 smaller books taken from The World That  Then Was: The Fall of Satan and the Redemption of Man; Mountains, Boxes, Canyons, and Gaps; and The Creation Week. I also have a book that is exclusive to Kindle: Spirit and Truth. Aside from Predestined for Eternity, I am currently working on two other books and am brainstorming for at least two more. One of these "in the works" books, is what I consider a super-secret project that I think will rock your socks off once its be ready for it!

At the top of this page you will notice 4 topics: Video Blogs, Religion in Everyday Life, What's Happening in the World, and Marriage and Relationships. These will be common topics that I discuss on this blog. I believe that as a Christian thinker it is my responsibility to inform people regarding these topics. This should eventually develop into a very fun and informative site.

I would also like to point you in the direction of one of the ministry teams I am involved with: The Worldview Warriors. The co-founder of this organization is Jason DeZurik and I am one of his bloggers/speakers. I HIGHLY encourage you to check out to check out this ministry as you will read daily blogs from some really awesome people, as well as myself (my blogs are currently posted on Tuesdays). I am grateful for all of the work Jason has done in assembling this team, conducting ministry, and promoting our works. It really is something special.

This is I am humbled that you would take the time to browse its contents. Your support is what makes the contents of this page possible. I look forward to future discussions and friendships that will form as a result of this page. Thank you and be richly blessed!

Bill Seng