Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Abortion: The Great Divide

Senator Diane Feinstein has now infamously stated that a vote on Judge Kavanaugh's appointment to the Supreme Court would be "too soon." While media sources on both sides are making a big deal of this statement for their own purposes, Rush Limbaugh, alone, played the rest of the audio from her response to a reporter on Capitol Hill. This audio revealed what the whole Kavanaugh investigation was really about. She continued to list issues like presidential authority (Translation: the desire to impeach Donald Trump), and Kavanaugh's stance on assault weapons (Translation: the Democrat party's desire to repeal the 2nd Ammendment). But what was at the top of her list of reasons for the delay on Kavanaugh's vote should not surprise anybody. It had nothing to do with rape allegations.

Diane Feinstein's response: "And there are other issues too. There's reproductive choice for women."

Translation: The Democrat party despises Bret Kavanaugh because he is a pro-life conservative.

Before the media circus concerning Christine Blasey Ford, or Bret Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court, for that matter, the Democrats have made it a point to put the issue of abortion at the top of their list for vetting potential appointees. Diane Feinstein, in vetting Amy Barret, referred to her pro-life stance as "dogma." Therefore, Barret's pro-life stance would be disqualifying to be appointed as a judge because of her religious convictions concerning the topic.

Notice Feinstein's neglect of other issues that could have come into play because of religious conviction (like same-sex marriage or certain aspects of the immigration debate). She cut right to the heart of the issue, as do other Democrats when questioning potential judicial appointees, "Where do you stand on abortion?" If nothing else, this is what divides Democrats from Republicans. As one that believes that human beings are created in the image of God, I feel very strongly about this topic.

I believe that life in the womb should be defended and preserved. Abortion itself is never medically necessary. In a worst case scenario, a mother could be induced to give birth prematurely to save her life and give the unborn child a chance at survival.

All of that aside, abortion truly is terminating the life of another human being. If you happen to be curious from a secular perspective, concerning this reality, This Link does a good job at laying out the facts concerning why unborn children are considered human and are considered to be alive.

When Diane Feinstein, and others like her, say that abortion is about women's reproductive rights, she and her colleagues are actually misleading their audience. It is not about women's reproductive rights, because reproductive rights are concerning your right to reproduce. Women have the right to reproduce by nature. God has designated women to be the sole re-creators of human life in our world. The issue is really about being allowed to be sexually promiscuous without having to face the consequences. The problem is that Democrats have made abortion cool by dehumanizing the unborn child and replacing the criteria of humanity with personhood (a much more vague and subjective concept).

By diverting the debate from the humanity of the unborn child to personhood, the child is not only dehumanized, but also exploited for a socio-economic agenda. You will notice that big governments love abortion. And big governments extend the deadline for abortion past the stage of being born. Even worse, they conduct abortions without the consent of the parents. To big governments, it is all about the allocation and redistribution of resources and human life is the biggest consumer of resources.

Keep these realities in mind during the vote on Bret Kavanaugh. Also, keep this issue in mind when you go to the ballot box in November.

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